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At Compass Crossing, we are always searching for additional resources to enhance your business. We also welcome any resources you may be aware of that offer free and cost savings business services and products, which you would like to share with our ever expanding local and nationwide online community.

In addition to highlighting free and cost savings online resources, Compass Crossing offers various newsworthy tips we come across that you may want to capitalize on for cost savings professionally or personally. Please let us know how we can further assist you. We very much look forward to working together with you to achieve your highest success!


Free Products & Services


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  • MIKOGO – Share your screen with up to 10 people “live” over the Web for FREE Online Presentations and Web Conferencing.

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    Mikogo - Session

  • FREE CONFERENCE CALL – Offers offers unparalleled conference call services. An excellent resource for conference call service for up to 96 users for 6 hours, with the option to record.



  • SKYPE – Make calls and video conference over the internet for FREE with business associates, friends, and family worldwide!


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  • ZOHO – Access on demand CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software for FREE management of nation-wide sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory in a single



  • MOTIGO – Utilize FREE web tools such as calendars, webstats, forums and more to enhance the productivity of your business website.



Economic Products & Services


Personal Perks


With the housing crisis escalating, trustworthy experienced legal and real estate professionals are needed more than ever. If you are a homeowner who may have been a victim of a toxic loan, predatory lending, or who simply cannot afford to pay your mortgage based on your current mortgage terms, looking for options, this may be your answer.

Compass Crossing partners with expert loss mitigation attorneys, case managers and real estate personnel who comply with federal, state, and local regulations who are able to conduct business in a homeowner’s behalf legally and ethically in all fifty states since 2008.

With 25 years of experience real estate practice in a Martindale and Hubbell top “AV Rated” law firm, and over 2,800 successfully completed restructured home loans in all 50 states, many homeowners are finally able to find relief for their situations. You deserve financial security and the right to pursue happiness without becoming a victim of circumstance. Get your free consultation today!

  • College Funding

Compass Crossing partners with college planning specialists who educate and navigate working families through the college financial aid system. Per guidelines set forth by the Department of Education, there are many strategies that can be used to help families lower their “expected family contribution,” which is part of the federal guidelines formula that will ultimately determine the amount of money the family of a student will be required to pay on a yearly basis.

Our personalized career counseling program allows your student to not only choose the school that has their interest and major, but will also consult your student on terms of graduation, future job availabilities and starting average salaries upon entering the job force. Get your share of the over $100 billion in grants and financial aid that is awarded each and every year. Fill out this form for more information.


Everyone should be aware that identity theft happens every day to people from all walks of life. Each year countless victims who innocently give their credit cards to servers in restaurants, or shop online fall prey. Stay ahead of the cure and protect yourself from one of the most talked-about and fastest growing white-collar crimes in history. Join our protective service designed with detection and restoration in mind, to shield you from identity theft.

You may also access professional legal counsel for additional services, such as buying a house or car, reviewing a contract, creating a will, handling a problem with an insurance company or any number of every day legal issues you need assistance on for a very economic monthly fee. To find out more, fill out this form.


Supplemental Income


Do you have a lot of business contacts? Would you like to make additional income on the side? If so, sign up with Compass Crossing and begin submitting leads when you see a fit between our offerings of business services/products and one of your business contacts. If a sale occurs, you will receive a significant referral commission. Compass Crossing offers an easy and lucrative opportunity to finally monetize one of our most important assets: your individual network of business contacts.

Whether you’re a globe-trotting executive or a stay-at-home-mom, you may receive commissions through the referral process for only a few minutes of your time. Compass Crossing referring affiliate partners are people just like you – individuals who have personal and professional contacts from their years of experience in the workforce, who are interested in taking the opportunity to monetize those contacts. We offer services/products across all 50 states and even internationally on select items.

Businesses are the able to consistently grow larger, untapped networks of potential advocates who are prepared and willing to refer business to them. Each potential advocate, whether a customer, employee, partner or new affiliate, has the ability to recommend products and services to their own personal and professional networks. Compass Crossing helps you expand your network of advocates, businesses which in turn can significantly increase referrals, drive new business, lower customer acquisition costs, and build brand awareness.

Our referral affiliate program makes it easy to generate more business. All businesses have a small network of advocates that refer leads. Compass Crossing helps businesses generate more referrals by growing their network of advocates into a powerful “commission only” sales and marketing channel that consistently refers high quality leads. Fill out this form to get started on your affiliate partner journey with Compass Crossing to begin receiving significant referral commissions now!


Many of our partners are in need of professionals who not only have experience in sales and consulting, but also have a clientele base already established, and are looking to bring additional products and services of value to the table. For further information, please fill out this form.


If you are interested in learning about relatively safe strategies for building investment, check out the following upcoming seminars that teach tried and true ways you may diversify and grow your investments. Click here for the details.

July 9-11 in Richmond, VA
July 16-18 in Toronto, ON
August 508 in Orlando, FL