Business Consulting


Compass Crossing offers business consulting specializing in taking businesses to the next level of success, through training and developing individuals and teams in a number of settings from sole proprietors to executives in large corporations.

Professional consultants analyze the business environments, personal strengths, and available resources to develop an executable action plans to rapidly propel business owners and their team to accomplish their greatest goals.

Some of the core competencies include personal and corporate coaching, business plans, marketing action plans, strategic attraction plans and conflict resolution. Additional areas Compass Crossing offers business consulting include, but are not limited to:

  • Online Marketing
  • Internet Advertising
  • Brand Development
  • Website Design
  • Debt Settlement
  • Monthly Lease Reduction
  • Commercial Loan Restructuring
  • Cost Segregation
  • Telecom Expense Reduction
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Sales Training
  • Organization
  • Tax Savings
  • Entity Structuring


Business Debt Settlement

Compass Crossing partners with debt settlement experts who have successfully helped thousands of businesses reduce their payables by literally millions of dollars for over 45 years. The most important fact to know about how our debt settlement services works, is that we save you money, or you owe nothing. iStock_000005360043XSmallUnlike many other debt services, our fee is based solely on how much your debt is reduced.

We do not offer debt consolidation loans or bankruptcy services. Instead, Compass Crossing partners with experts who negotiate with your business creditors to reduce your payables, saving you as much as 70%. Just think how the cost savings of lowering your current monthly lease agreement could open up positive cash flow in your business.

Most of our client relationships begin when a business owner requests a FREE, 100% confidential, no-obligation review of your debt situation. Even if you choose not to hire Compass Crossing partner experts, you will gain a valuable, objective assessment of your business finances. In many cases, however, businesses will “try our services out” by asking to settle payables with just a few creditors.

Compass Crossing offers the following services to:

  • Reduce monthly commercial lease allowing your business to adjust to economic times
  • Perform all creditor contact, so you can concentrate on building your revenues/profits
  • Eliminate court appearances for you–critical if you’re being sued out of town
  • Protect your business assets from creditors who might want to seize them
  • Satisfy your creditors within your financial means
  • Help you rebuild your business-credit rating with agencies such as Dun & Bradstreet

Reduce Your Liabilities


Commercial Loan Restructuring‏

With over $127.2 billion dollars in commercial mortgages estimated to default in 2010, Compass Crossing has strategically aligned itself with national leaders in commercial loss mitigation services. We strongly believe that our straight forward and analytical approach to commercial loan workout solutions are unprecedented in the industry. Understanding how to properly analyze and structure complex financials while creating opportunities to optimize cash flow provide the full service commercial loan workout solution property owners seek.

building small

Our Program Benefits include:

  • No credit qualification
  • Balloon payment deflation
  • Adjustable rates fixed
  • Past due payment addressed (written off or added to end of loan)
  • Foreclosure prevention/ avoidance
  • Interest rates as low as 0%
  • Established positive relationships with most major lenders
  • Performance based service guarantee

Our broad range of knowledge and complex skills have allowed us to assist owners of distressed assets across all property types. Compass Crossing partners with experts who have an extensive background in commercial lending and transaction negotiations to competently and effectively advise a client with regard to the best possible solutions to cure distressed assets.

Case Study A – $1.74M note with BB&T Commercial Finance.

Before Loan Restructure After Loan Restructure
Interest Rate: 7.90% Final Interest Rate: 6.10% Fixed
Monthly Payment: $34,770 Final Monthly Payment: $12,582
Loan Terms: 5 Yr Term/ 10 Yr Amort Final Loan Terms: 15 Yr Term/ 20 Yr Amort

Client Benefits: Client saved $22,188 monthly ($266,256 per annum). Balloon payment extended from 5 Yrs to 15 Yrs allowing client opportunity to stabilize business finances.

Case Study B – $10.6M note with Bank of America.

Before Loan Restructure After Loan Restructure
Interest Rate: 8.10% Final Interest Rate 7.10%
Monthly Payment: $102,413 Final Monthly Payment: $76,853
Balloon: 120 Mo Term/ 10 Yrs Balloon: 240 Mo Term/ 20 Yrs
Amortization: 180 Mo Term/ 15 Yrs Amortization: 300 Mo Term/ 25 Yrs
Deliquent Payments: $204,826 Deliquency: Capitilized $124K/ Interest Written-off

Client Benefits: Client saved $25,560/mo ($306,720 per annum). Client avoided $204,826 deliquent payment and extended balloon note from 10 to 20 years.

Every potential client's situation is reviewed by one of our professional negotiators prior to acceptance into the program. This is free analysis without obligation and in the event we can assist, we will provide a comprehensive cost savings analysis detailing all of the benefits our program has to offer. Connect Compass Crossing now to submit your property for a no cost case review by one of our expert negotiators.


Cell Phone Expense Reduction

Is your business cell phone plan eating away at your profits? If a large part of your company’s expenses are for employees’ office to cell and cell to office calls, then Compass Crossing has a solution so affordable, it’ll usually pay for itself in less than a year’s time.

A cellular gateway is a hardware device that connects to any PBX via Bellcore standard trunk interfaces. This technology has existed since 2003 throughout the world, but in the U.S. only since about 2007. It was not needed in the U.S. previously, due to the fact that our telecom infrastructure is so much more advanced than the rest of the world.

Thus, while the "rest of the world" uses cellular gateways to supply telco service (cellular) where none exists (no copper infrastructure), in the U.S., we derive slightly different benefits, as noted above. Cellular gateways are now rapidly growing in popularity due to the rising costs of cellular expense for businesses. Per minute costs for usage have declined, but minute usage has increased as a result of the “always available” to your customers mindset. Compass Crossing offers a solution to dramatically decrease those expenses and offer business continuity at the same time.

It is no coincidence that this technology began to grow in popularity just after the Gartner Research Group reported in 2007 that cellular costs (for businesses) became the highest of all telecom related expenses, surpassing land lines and data expense. With a typical ROI of 12 months or less, be sure to contact Compass Crossing and take action today to ensure your business is on the path to:

  • Reducing your telecom expenses
  • Enhancing your customer service to clients/customers
  • Providing/increasing backup/disaster recovery plans
  • Protecting your customer base from being pilfered

Make your cell phones work for you, not against you. Compass Crossing offers options to potential telecom dealers as well as end users with pooled cell phone plans (must have 10 or more), who benefit greatly in massive savings and enhanced service including: any business with "office to field" calls, such as contractors, outside sales force, service companies, in addition to corporations, cities, states and other governmental agencies.

Fill out the form below and we will provide your business with a free analysis of how Compass Crossing may continue to offer your business cellular savings and protection month after month.

Reduce Cell Costs


Cost Segregation

Have you built, purchased or renovated your commercial property in the past 10 to 20 years? If your answer is "yes," it is likely you are paying too much federal income tax. Compass Crossing offers commercial property owners and their CPA's from across the nation to increase cash flow from constructed buildings, purchased properties and renovations by accelerating depreciation expense deductions.


Through what is called "cost segregation", the components of a building are reclassified into proper classes according to the modified accelerated cost recovery system, case law and IRS revenue rulings through the tax reform act which went into effect, December 31, 1986. Cost segregation analysis' and reports must be performed by practitioners who are either certified appraisers or engineers according to the IRS code. Maximize tax benefits and increase your cash flow!

"Cost segregation studies are a lucrative tax strategy that should be used in almost every major purchase of commercial real estate." ~ US Treasury Dept

Cost segregation can reduce federal income taxes for owners of commercial or multi-family real estate by correctly calculating real estate depreciation. Compass Crossing can assist your business in increasing depreciation and improving the tax benefits of commercial and multi-family properties by affecting tax reduction and deferring the payment of federal income taxes.


Property Range on Year 1 Tax Savings
Type (100,000-500,000 sq. ft. property size)
Office $35,500 - $160,000
Apartment $19,240 - $96,200
Retail $36,500 - $182,600
Industrial $10,800 - $54,000

Typical first year tax savings are 4:1 to 50:1

If you own or lease a facility, the depreciation deduction is one of the most significant, but often overlooked opportunities to reduce the income tax liability. Whether you are buying, building, or improving a building, Compass Crossing can help maximize your income tax deductions through our in-depth cost segregation service.

Clients have saved hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of cost segregation studies. We use IRS guided procedures for gather data, calculating the market value of components which can be segregated and compiling results into a report. After performing thousands of reports, our results have not been revised in the handful of related audits. Request a complimentary analysis for your commercial building today to ensure you are capitalizing on your cost segregation savings!

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