Strategic Partnerships


Would you like to have a bigger slice of a smaller pie or a smaller slice of a bigger pie? Many small businesses offer one or two key products or services to clients who may or may not need to return for a repurchase, so what does your business do with that client list?  Compass Crossing excels in forming strategic partnerships to bring greater success to all businesses involved.  Synergy is the power behind business partnerships.


In the new knowledge economy, the principles of business strategy are being transformed.  The focus is shifting to connectivity between businesses, leveraging resources, capabilities, expertise, and client base, for the mutual benefit of all parties. Compass Crossing helps you find the key to partnering with other companies that cater to the same audience that you do, but are not direct competitors to share your client/marketing list with.

For example, if you specialize in renting wedding gowns, and your client list has grown, you receive fantastic referral business, but are looking for ways to drive revenue from past customers.  You may find another supplier or merchant that is catering to your same target market, such as a photographer or catering service.  Your client list would be of interest to them and their list could be of interest to you. 

The key is knowing who your target market is.  At Compass Crossing, we help you create a market survey to discover who your target market is, which can further increase your opportunities to generate revenue and drive you new business at minimal cost.


Strategic Partnerships can help your business gain competitive advantage through access to your partner’s resources.  Joint marketing and promotion, selling, or distribution can be structured in various ways to pursue mutual interests for greater marketability.

At Compass Crossing, we offer business services that every business requires. We have created an affiliate program to reward you for every  referral you send our way, offering you the opportunity to become our affiliate partner to further enhance your business.  Please fill out the form below to include “Strategic Partnerships” in your complimentary business consulting session.

Align Yourself with Success


Referral Commissions

Do you have a lot of business contacts? Would you like to make additional income on the side? If so, sign up with Compass Crossing and begin submitting leads when you see a fit between our offerings of business services/products and one of your business contacts. If a sale occurs, you will receive a significant referral commission. Compass Crossing offers an easy and lucrative opportunity to finally monetize one of our most important assets: your individual network of business contacts.

Whether you’re a globe-trotting executive or a stay-at-home-mom, you may receive commissions through the referral process for only a few minutes of your time. Compass Crossing referring affiliate partners are people just like you – individuals who have personal and professional contacts from their years of experience in the workforce, who are interested in taking the opportunity to monetize those contacts. We offer services/products across all 50 states and even internationally on select items.

Businesses are the able to consistently grow larger, untapped networks of potential advocates who are prepared and willing to refer business to them. Each potential advocate, whether a customer, employee, partner or new affiliate, has the ability to recommend products and services to their own personal and professional networks. Compass Crossing helps you expand your network of advocates, businesses which in turn can significantly increase referrals, drive new business, lower customer acquisition costs, and build brand awareness.

Our referral affiliate program makes it easy to generate more business. All businesses have a small network of advocates that refer leads. Compass Crossing helps businesses generate more referrals by growing their network of advocates into a powerful “commission only” sales and marketing channel that consistently refers high quality leads.

Click below to get started on your affiliate partner journey with Compass Crossing to begin receiving significant referral commissions now!